To make money with your infoproducts means connecting with buyers. When you are just starting (or even when you are a seasoned pro), it can be difficult to find the right buyers for your wares.

The good news is it gets easier when you use the right strategies — and when you keep things consistent.

So how do you find your customers? Here are some tips that can help:

Know Your Target Market

The biggest mistake nearly everyone makes is think your infoproduct is for everyone. It’s not. Even if you think your advice will benefit everyone on the planet (and trust me, it…

Overhead Shot Looking Down On Woman At Home Writing Meal Plan On

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Dinner is planned!

Yes, I am busy. I have a full-time job, a side hustle, a blog just for fun (this one), two teens on the Autism spectrum who are also in school remotely, and much, much more.

The number one thing I am asked is this: “Shannon, I read everything you put out online. And yet, you still make these amazing meals that you post on social media. Where do you get the time?”

First, if you must know, I love to cook, so it’s not a burden most of the time. It actually relaxes me and allows me to…

You’ve got an infoproduct in mind, and you are working on creating it. But while you are making your first product, you should also be seeding the idea of it to others. Seeding is a marketing term that means getting people to anticipate — and get excited — by your upcoming offer — as in planting the seeds of anticipation.

Here are some quick ideas to start planting and nurturing your audience for your infoproduct offer:

Blog posts

Image of smiling brunette woman typing on laptop while sitting on sofa
Image of smiling brunette woman typing on laptop while sitting on sofa

Write about your topic on your blog. Then, share the information on social media. I use smart AI to create social campaigns around the…

Couple renovating the house. Couple painting a wall

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Thinking of painting your room?

That farmhouse greige is finally on the way out! More than a year ago, I was already complaining about this boring color.

Back then (I suppose), the color made sense. We were out of our homes more, so it was nice to come home to some calming colors that looked a bit stark clean. But today, we are now in our homes more than ever. And staring at grey-beige paint such as Worldly Gray, Alpaca, Agreeable Gray, or Wheat Bread is starting to be as dreary as those awful names. (Seriously, who develops paint color names? …

Brussels sprouts baked with butternut squash, top view

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Recipe: Brussels sprouts and butternut squash with cranberries and nuts

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe

It’s January! All month long I’m featuring seasonal Brussels sprouts recipes. There’s something about Brussels sprouts paired with something sweet, like my roasted sprouts with pomegranate that really works well. And today’s recipe is no different.

If you want a side hustle, there’s no easier way (without leaving your home) than to sell your own knowledge. And that means you need to know how to make money selling your infoproducts.

Last time, I discussed the many forms of infoproducts (or combination of products) you can create. Once you choose your niche and narrow down your topic by knowing your target market’s problems, you’ll decide the type of product you will create.

Product creation is the easy part. (That doesn’t mean there isn’t work involved!) Once you have your product set up, the real work begins: you…

Selling information isn’t new. Before the internet, people sold booklets, newsletters, and books. And when recording came into play, audio courses and soon video courses were all the rage. If you have a passion and knowledge, you can share it as well, and make a nice profit, too — simply by selling your knowledge as information products (or infoproducts, as I like to say).

Infoproducts are a perfect way to add a passive stream of revenue to your business. Once you create it and load it up online, you can easily sell it repeatedly through online marketing techniques.

What’s an infoproduct?

An information…

You’re swamped. You’re busy with a job, a side hustle, and just your basic everyday things that need to get done. (That pile of laundry is still waiting.) Your website needs management, your next project is taking up a majority of your time and yes, you need to eat, too. Oh, did you do that annual profit analysis discussed last time? That might still be on your list, too.

So what happens to marketing and promotional tasks? For many, they fall to the bottom of your to-do list.

It’s easy to let go of those potentially time-consuming marketing tasks. But…

Girl playing domino with her family

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Planning your family game night

Remember when families were encouraged to spend dinner together? After all, before the pandemic, we had busier lives. Those who worked tended to get errands and home-stuff done while students studied or went out with friends. There was simply less time to be together.

This new year is a time to celebrate. Gone are the trials of 2020, and now we look forward to a new year with new hopes and ideas.

We also need to reflect, looking back at what we did right, what we did wrong, and how we can improve things moving forward.

And you’ll hear a lot about people’s resolutions. They vow to lose weight, save more money, spend more time with the family, and create more enriching experiences. …

Shannon Cherry

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